We have presses and furnaces for performing large volume experiments at high pressures and/or temperatures:

A 1000 ton multi-anvil apparatus for experiments up to 30 GPa and 2200 C.


– Two end-loaded piston cylinder devices for experiments up to 4 GPa and 2000 C


– Deltech vertical tube furnace for gas-mixing experiments up to 1600 C

– High-temperature box furnace for annealing and crystal growth experiments up to 1700 C

– Low temperature box furnaces for experiments up to 1200 C


Ruby synthesized in the box furnace by a flux growth method (as part of a lab exercise in GEOL 341).

– Spin coater for solution deposition of thin films on mineral surfaces


– Prep lab for machining and assembly of high-pressure sample assemblies


We also have access to a machine shop and a wide range of analytical facilities on campus, including SEM, TEM, ToF-SIMS, XPS, Raman and powder XRD.