Hypatian Seminar

I co-founded and organized the Hypatian Seminar in the Mathematics Department at UCSB from 2005-2008. The seminar was started to support the retention of women and under-represented groups. We organized weekly activities which alternated between female or otherwise under-represented mathematicians presenting their own research, discussions, and panels on everything from job market preparation to the “two-body” problem. We also ran a mentoring program through the Hypatian Seminar which linked incoming graduate students with volunteers from the more established students in the program. It was very important to us that all of these activities were open to (and often attended by) everyone in the department. The seminar has run continuously from its inception in 2005 through at least Spring of 2017.

(Some) Women in Math

Links to Women in Math Here at Case Western Reserve University

Jenny Brynjarsdottir
Daniela Calvetti
Julia Dobrosotskaya
Weihong Guo
Elizabeth Meckes
Wanda Strychalski
Elisabeth Werner
Longhua Zhao

Links to Women in Math at Other Institutions

Andrea Bertozzi
Alina Chertock
Katy Craig
Maria D’Orsogna
Brittany Erickson
Irene Fonseca
Irene Gamba
Maria del Mar Gonzalez Nogueras
Maria Pia Gualdani
Jingwei Hu

Misha Kilmer

Inwon Kim
Debra Lewis
Jill Pipher

Puck Rombach

Laura Smith
Carola-Bibiane Schoenlieb
Mary Silber
Betsy Stovall
Weiran Sun
Min Tang
Luminita Aura Vese
Li Wang
Talitha Washington
Marie-Therese Wolfram
Mary Lou Zeeman
Xiaoqun Zhang

These are links to a few of the women that I have met in mathematics; it is by no means an exhaustive list! If you would like to be added or removed, just let me know 🙂