Geomorphology, surface water hydrology,

environmental geology

Office: 212 A.W. Smith
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University of California (1990)
Carleton College (1982)


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College of Arts and Sciences
Case Western Reserve University
Case Western Reserve University
Case Western Reserve University
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University of Washington
EA Engineering, Science, and Technology
University of Genoa Italy
NASA/University of Maryland

May 2004 – Present
2013 – Present
1998 – 2013
1992 – 1998
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1982 – 1983


Research Interests:

My research efforts have been focused on six topics in the last several years: 1) estimating the contribution of climate change and variation to non-point source sediment and pollutant loading to the Great Lakes, 2) developing a novel radionuclide technique to determine the travel distance and sediment residence time of fine sediment and adsorbed pollutants in rivers, 3) undertaking an extensive field effort to understand the flows that move the bulk of the bedload in gravel bed streams in support of a major water rights adjudication, 4) developing a protocol to estimate the streamflows necessary to maintain floodplains and channels, 5) modeling the influence of bank material on the ability of water stored and released from the floodplain to sustain streamflows, and 6) establishing a process-based stream classification system.


More Information:

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