Geochemistry and Mineral Physics

Office: 212 A.W. Smith
Phone: (216) 368-3765



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2000)
Florida State University (1994)



Associate Professor
Visiting Professor
Assistant Professor
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow

Case Western Reserve University
Case Western Reserve University
Case Western Reserve University
Carnegie Institution of Washington

2008 – 2012
Summer 2007
2002 – 2008
2000 – 2002


Research Interests:

My group studies planetary interiors (including our own) using a combination of experiments and modeling, constrained by observations. Recent and current research topics include the role of volatiles in the formation and evolution of the Moon; the chemical evolution of planetary cores; isotope fractionation in magmatic processes; diffusion in mantle, core and crustal minerals; chemical processes in Earth’s core-mantle boundary region; and the sequence and timing of events leading up to the planet-building stage in the early solar system.


Graduate and Undergraduate Research Opportunities

I am always interested in working with students who are curious about the internal evolution of planets (and a wide range of other topics!). Please contact me (email usually works best) to discuss current opportunities.


More Information:

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