Online Open Access Resources

Books During National Emergencies

Writing Program, Pedagogy, Online Literacy

  • Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (GSOLE) Resources: (See also GSOLE’s “Just In Time” guide to getting online in a hurry, when need arises.)
  • The Online Writing Instruction Community (Links to an external site – you will find sample syllabi, assignments, videos, instructional resources, links to other books and research on OWI, instructor development, web tools, and much more.
  • Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic: Resources and Strategies for Online Writing Instructors ( In the book you will find strategies for moving your courses online in a way that utilizes best practices, engages students, and walks you through what might feel like an overwhelming transition into teaching online.
  • Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities, in it’s “pre-print” digital platform in light of the national emergency and the widespread, last-minute conversion to online or distance education. This project includes 59 keywords (Collaboration, Textual Analysis, Language Learning, and more) about how to teach a particular concept digitally. But, the most important aspect for us right now: each keyword offers 10 annotated artifacts — that’s more than 590 assignments, syllabi, rubrics, articles available right now. All FREE! It will remain open access (digital) forever.