Zhicheng Jing

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My research combines mineral physics techniques and theoretical modeling to explore the physical and chemical properties of Earth and planetary materials under high pressure-temperature conditions. I then apply these material properties to understand the structure, dynamics, and evolution of Earth and other planets.

Research Interests

  • Density and elasticity of minerals, rocks, and liquids under planetary interior conditions
  • Thermodynamic and transport properties of silicate and metallic liquids at high pressures
  • Trace element partitioning between solids and liquids at high pressures
  • Theoretical models of equation of state and dynamic properties of liquids at high pressures
  • Experimental techniques for high pressure generation and synchrotron application
  • Combining material properties with seismological, geodynamic, and geochemical models to constrain the composition, structure, dynamics and evolution of Earth and other planets
Page last modified: June 23, 2016